Dell Precision 5480 Mobile Workstation

The Dell Precision 5480 mobile workstation is a powerful and versatile laptop that is well-suited for a variety of demanding tasks, such as video editing, 3D modeling, and scientific computing.

Dell Precision 5480 Mobile Workstation

Right View:
1.microSD-card slot2.ThunderBolt 4 ports with PowerDelivery and DisplayPort (USB Type-C)3.Security-cable slot (wedge-shaped)
Left View:
1.Universal audio jack2.ThunderBolt 4 ports with PowerDelivery and DisplayPort (USB Type-C)3.Smart card reader slot
Top View:
1.Microphone2.Power button with optional fingerprint reader
3.Right speaker4.Precision touchpad
5.Left speaker
Front View:
1.RGB camera2.LCD panel
Bottom View:
1.Speakers2.Air vents3.Service Tag and regulatory labels

Dell Precision 5480 mobile workstation

Intelligence built around you:

Automatically personalize and boost the performance of your Precision and its entire ecosystem with Dell Optimizer, an AI-based optimization software that learns and responds to the way you work.

Personalised Performance

Intelligence and machine learning elevate productivity by automatically personalising performance features across your entire ecosystem, making them the Dell’s most intelligent PCs.

Intelligent Collaboration

Get the Dell’s most intelligent collaboration experience with smart audio conferencing, connectivity and productivity features – all in one software.

Safe, secure and manageable

We ensure optimisation and data collection follows a stringent process to keep your information safe. Any data we do gather is analysed locally on your system to improve your personal PC experience

Work where you're most inspired with security you can count on

The Windows Hello-compatible IR Camera> with proximity sensor recognizes you and automatically locks and unlocks to increase privacy and productivity.
The fingerprint reader built into the power button uses biometrics to log you in quickly and ensures that only you have access to your sensitive data and private work.
Chassis Intrusion Sensor identifies when the chassis or BIOS have been compromised.
The EMZA IR camera detects onlookers, while SafeScreen dims the PC when you look away to keep sensitive data private.

Stay Secure, Be Productive 

Start secure. Stay Secure. Organisations report a 58% drop in security incidents with Windows 11 Pro devices. Windows 11 Pro devices help you simplify your workday and improve productivity. Switch seamlessly between locations. Blaze through your to-do list with AI-powered multitasking, features to get organised in a snap, and performance to speed demanding workloads to completion 42% faster on average

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