Dell Precision 7760

The new design of the 7760 provides for brighter (500 nits) and up to a UHD 120Hz, HDR400 display, which is 100% Adobe color gamut.

Dell Precision 7760 Mobile Workstation

Right View:
1.SD-card slot2.Global headset jack
3.USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A port4.USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A port with PowerShare
5.Wedge-shaped lock slot
Left View:
1.Two USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C Thunderbolt 4 ports2.Smart-card reader (optional)
Back View:
1.Air vent2.Mini DisplayPort 1.4
3.HDMI 2.1 port4.RJ45 Ethernet port
5.Power adapter port6.Air vent
Front view with RGB camera:
3.Camera-status light4.Microphone
5.Display6.Battery-status light/Diagnostic-status light
Front view with IR camera:
1.Microphone2.IR camera sensor
3.Camera4.Camera-status light
5.Microphone6.Proximity sensor
7.Display8.Battery-status light/Diagnostic-status light
Bottom View:
1.Solid-state drive door (optional)2.Air vents
3.Service tag label

Dell Precision 7760 Mobile Workstation - Features

Premium & Lightweight Design

The 17” mobile workstation just got more powerful with the addition of the 7760. It has a large touch pad, Pro 2 keyboard, and top-firing speakers for an excellent user experience. Built with the premium materials and masterful craftsmanship all of this adds up to creators, designers and beyond having a powerful system without the stigma of a clunky design – putting elegance and performance in your hands instead. The 7760 was engineered to provide designers, creators, and even geologist and data scientists a mobile platform with the power of a desktop, so they can take their work with them, wherever they may go.

Intelligent Performance

Precision workstations feature Dell Optimizer for Precision which uses Artificial Intelligence software to learn how you work and adapts to your style to create a smarter, more-personal experience. The result? Improved system responsiveness, better application performance, smarter use of battery power, storage and audio optimization and more reliable network connectivity. All from a single console that you manage from WorkspaceOne or Microsoft SCCM—allowing IT staff to deploy, configure, update, and monitor Optimizer remotely

Immersive Productivity

The new design of the 7760 provides for brighter (500 nits) and up to a UHD 120Hz, HDR400 display, which is 100% Adobe color gamut. There are also hardware and ambient sensing, options on this 17.3” display that provide for less eye strain and ease of use. ExpressSign-in identifies you when you walk up, waking your workstation and getting you ramped up quickly. It will also lock your screen when you walk away for an added layer of security

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