Servers and Server Systems

Technical hiccups or issues which you face with your server might prove costly to your and you really need to morph this issue at least of your troubles. If you have a tricky situation going on with your server, we have the trusted inventory of full-scale server management solutions to cater to your requirements.

  • Rack & Tower Servers
  • Modular Infrastructure
  • Industrial-Grade Servers
  • Mission Critical & Density Optimised Servers
  • IOT & Cloud Servers
  • Systems Management Software

Storage Solutions

While working on crucial products, you would never like to come across storage issues in your system. In case of such an untoward event, you consider calling for our tech support number. Our efficient tech support team will augment the storage efficiency of your system and make it a pleasure to work with.

  • All-Flash and Hybrid Storage
  • Data Protection Storage
  • File and Object Storage
  • Storage Solutions for Enterprise Applications
  • converged infrastructure
  • Storage Networking

Desktops & Work Station Solutions

Your workstation is the place where you spend the majority of the time in your weekdays. You would like to make the functionality of your workstation impeccable to enhance your productivity. We can come in handy in this regard.

  • Mobile Workstations
  • Business Desktops Workstations
  • Tower Desktops Solutions
  • High-end Digital Rendering Workstations
  • All-in-One Solutions

Home & Business Laptops

We have a pristine range of tech solutions which will be immensely helpful for the laptops you use in your workplace. In case, your systems are writhing with tech issues, you can get the consultation from our pros.

  • Small Business Laptops
  • Business-class security and reliability Laptops
  • Laptops for Education Purpose
  • Mobile Workstation Laptops
  • Laptops for Education Purpose
  • Premium Ultrabooks
  • Gaming Laptops

Network Solutions

Network issues are real sticky and they take a serious toll on the productivity levels. We make sure that network issues don’t throw tantrums in your system. Our experienced pros at PCT are available to do the needful.

  • Network Switches
  • Network Access Platforms
  • Network Data Security Solutions
  • Access Points
  • Network Management Softwares

Print Solutions

You can consider visiting our portal for flawless and exemplary print solutions which will suffice your business requirements. PCT is always there, whenever you feel like you are in serious need of a reliable aide to take care of all your crucial tech requirements.

  • Business Personal Printers
  • Small Work Teams Printers
  • Workgroup Printers
  • Department Printers
  • Large Format Printers
  • Commercial and Industrial Presses