Containment and Air Distribution in Dubai, UAE – Managing airflow for rows, racks and hot spots.

Containment & Air Distribution

Easily and effectively manage airflow for rows, racks, and hotspots for IT equipment using Thermal Containment, Rack Air Distribution, and Room Air Distribution solutions. Thermal Containment is a Hot and cold air containment systems designed to maximize cooling predictability, capacity, and efficiency at the rack, row, or room level. EcoAisle is an intelligent thermal containment solution designed to increase cooling system efficiency while protecting critical IT equipment and personnel. Rack Air Distribution is a Air distribution systems for power dense racks and low pressure areas. These easily installed rack-based cooling products are specifically integrated in or on individual rack enclosures to solve inadequate air distribution problems, which, in turn, increases airflow and equipment life. Rack Air Distribution systems work with existing cooling products to either provide cool air to or remove heat from the rack enclosure. These hot spot problem solvers ensure uniform inlet temperatures to the IT equipment.