HPE Solid State Drive Option – HPE SSDs deliver critical data center features including full data path error detection, surprise power loss protection, and Smart SSD Wear Gauge support.

HPE Solid State Drive Option

HPE SATA M.2 Read Intensive (RI) Solid State Drives (SSDs) deliver enterprise features and performance at an affordable price for workloads high in reads such as boot/swap, web servers, and read caching. Hewlett Packard Enterprise SSDs are backed by over 3 million hours of testing and qualification in various environments, certifying reliable, high performing drives.1 HPE Digitally Signed Firmware prevents unauthorized access to your data by verifying that drive firmware comes from a trusted source. HPE 12 Gb Value SAS Mixed Use (MU) SSDs optimize your enterprise with faster data transfer rates and near price parity compared to 6 Gb SATA SSDs. HPE Value SAS MU SSDs deliver enterprise features at an affordable price for applications requiring a balanced mix of read and write performance, and are ideal for database, transactional applications and virtualization workloads.