Lenovo Blade Chassis in Dubai, UAE – Provides a high-performance, integrated infrastructure platform that supports a mix of compute and networking capabilities.


Lenovo Blade Chassis

Scales to meet business needs, works with multiple generations of technology, offers high availability, securely protects vital information, and maximizes uptime.

  • Efficient: 14 standard compute node bays in a 10U chassis
  • Customizable: compute or management nodes, with up to 4 networking modules in rear
  • High Reliability: N+N or N+1 redundant power, a 3-phase power domain, & a passive mid-plane

Lenovo Blade Chassis

Lenovo Blade Chassis


  • Outstanding flexibility and efficiency with choice of compute and networking
  • No compromise design that can easily scale capabilities with business needs
  • Designed for multiple generations of technology
  • Integrated and easy to use management with advanced functions
  • Scalable pay-as-you-grow flexible I/O offerings
  • Highly resilient: no single point of failure to maintain high availability
  • Designed to deliver a highly secure environment, protecting vital information and maximizing uptime
  • World-class service with three-year on-site support


Flexibility, efficiency

To meet today’s complex and ever-changing business demands, the Lenovo Flex System Enterprise Chassis provides a high-performance, integrated infrastructure platform that supports a mix of compute and networking capabilities. The Flex System Enterprise Chassis has been designed and built specifically to provide the efficiency you need now, along with the growth path necessary to protect your investment into the future.

The Flex System Enterprise Chassis is the foundation of the Flex System offering, which features 14 standard (half-width) Flex System form factor compute node bays in a 10U chassis that delivers high-performance connectivity for your integrated compute, networking and management resources.


Simplify provisioning and systems management

Simplify, automate, and modernize Day 1 provisioning and ongoing administrative tasks over the server lifecycle with Lenovo XClarity.


Description: Base model

Height: 440 mm (10 EIA rack standard units)

Width: 447 mm (EIA 19-inch rack standard width, minus 3 mm clearance)

Depth: 800 mm (measured from front bezel to rear of chassis) 847 mm (measured from ITE latch handle to the power supply handle)

Rack mount weight: 505 lbs

Minimum loadout weight: 218 lbs

Maximum loadout weight: 493 lbs

Heat load minimum: 1,365 BTUs/hr (est)

Heat load maximum: 44,017 BTUs/hr (est)

Air flow minimum: 270 CFM

Air flow maximum:  1020 CFM

Voltage minimum: 180 VAC

Voltage nominal: 200-240 VAC + 10%

Voltage maximum: 265 VAC

Frequency minimum: 47Hz

Frequency nominal: 50/60 Hz

Frequency maximum: 63Hz

Power minimum: 400 W (estimate)

Power maximum: 12,900 W (12.9 kW)

Maximum Input Current: 13.85 A per supply

Node bays: 14 node bays (7 full wide)

Power supplies: 2/6 2500 W 200 – 240 VAC, 380V HVDC, and -48V DC

Switch modules: Optional

80 mm fans: 4/8

40 mm fans: 2/2

Chassis Management Module (CMM): 1/2

Machine type: 8721