Lenovo Server Storage Options in Dubai, UAE – Reliable High Performance Server Data Storage to ensure data availability, protection, & backup, & maximize I/O performance in Lenovo servers.

RAID Controllers & Storage Adapters

Lenovo Storage Adapters provide a new level of reliability & performance for data centers via exceptional Data Center storage redundancy.

RAID Controllers

Redundancy and Protection for Critical Enterprise Data. Lenovo RAID controllers provide reliable data protection and performance with a wide range of RAID solutions covering SMB to Large Enterprise customers.

SAS Host Bus Adapters

High performance SAS host bus adapters provide easy and reliable connectivity to either internal or external storage.

NVMe Switch Adapters

Adapters to enable the use of PCIe NVMe drives in ThinkSystem servers.

Solid State Storage Drives & Adapters

Next generation solid-state technology engineered for balanced performance & endurance in a cost efficient design.

SAS and SATA Solid State Drives

Cost efficient with optimal performance. Delivering performance, endurance, and power efficiency in a cost-efficient design.

NVMe Solid State Drives

Ultra Low Latency & High Performance.

Designed to utilize the high bandwidth of PCIe 3.0 in four lanes, and bring high performance, low latency, and consistently amazing performance to I/O-intensive storage workloads.

Self-encrypting Solid State Drives

Self-encrypting drives (SEDs) provide benefits in three main ways:

  • By encrypting data on-the-fly at the drive level with no performance impact
  • By providing instant secure erasure (cryptographic erasure, thereby making the data no longer readable)
  • By enabling auto-locking to secure active data if a drive is misplaced or stolen from a system while in use
M.2 Drives and Adapters

M.2 is a solid-state drive (SSD) form factor used as an operating system boot solution or for data storage. Most ThinkSystem servers support M.2 drives with the addition of a supported M.2 adapter, however some servers support an M.2 drive directly on the system board.

NVMe Solid State Storage Adapters

Solid-state storage in the form factor of a PCIe adapter, designed to utilize the high bandwidth of PCIe 3.0 in four lanes. Brings high performance, high bandwidth and low latency to IO intensive storage workloads.

Hard Disk Drives

Industry-Leading Solutions. Enterprise SAS & SATA & self-encrypting (SED) hard disk drives. Industry leading HDD solutions increase data reliability, performance, & security.

Backup & Archive Storage

Tape backup & automation solutions can help protect your business with a full complement of tape technologies.