Lenovo Networking Adapters in Dubai, UAE – Enabling Data Center Networks. Lenovo networking options include Ethernet and Fibre Channel solutions from industry leading Networking partners. Customize network solutions to address 1Gb applications to 100Gb virtualized workloads.

Ethernet Network Adapters

ThinkSystem Ethernet adapters provide industry latest networking solutions to address Ethernet, Converged and Virtualized data center networking requirements.

100 Gb Ethernet Adapters

100 Gb Ethernet connections for the ultimate in network I/O performance.

50Gb Ethernet Adapters

50 Gb Ethernet adapters in the Flex System I/O adapter form factor, suitable for the ThinkSystem SN550 and SN850 blade servers.

40 Gb Ethernet Adapters

40 Gb Ethernet delivers improved application performance through higher bandwidth, lower latency enabling increased VM density per host.

25 Gb Ethernet Adapters

25 Gb significantly lowers cost per Gb and enables server future proofing. Lenovo’s 25 Gb adapters can be installed now and operated at 10 Gb utilizing existing switches and cabling.

Gigabit Ethernet Adapters

1 Gb adapters offer low cost, low power solutions enabling server virtualization and reduced CPU overhead with adapter offloads.

Fibre Channel Adapters

Connecting Lenovo Servers to Storage Area Networks. High performance single and dual port Fiber Channel adapters provide performance, power efficiency, reliability and investment protection for connectivity to data center storage.

32 Gb Fibre Channel HBAs

32 Gb FC host bus adapter are Generation 6 (Gen 6) Fibre Channel offerings that provide the ultimate in Storage Area Network connectivity.

16 Gb Fibre Channel HBAs

Fibre Channel HBAs deliver performance, operational agility, & maximum power of cloud virtualization.

InfiniBand and Omni-Path Adapters

InfiniBand and Omni-Path Architecture (OPA) adapters are the gateway to high-performance low-latency networking, ideal for clusters and time-sensitive applications.

InfiniBand Adapters

InfiniBand adapters solve HPC cluster networking challenges by delivering high bandwidth, low latency, and CPU offloads to get the highest server efficiency and application productivity at scale.

Omni-Path Adapters

Omni-Path Architecture is a new networking topology that was designed specifically to scale cost-effectively from entry level HPC clusters to larger clusters with 10,000 nodes or more.